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Red Baron Adventures

"Experience an adrenaline-inducing roller coaster of thrills 2000ft in the air as you taste of the G-forces Baron Manfred Von Richthofen himself would have experienced during air combat."


Fly with Red Baron Adventures over the most spectacular harbour in the world, or experience the adrenalin inducing thrill of aerobatics! Red Baron flies from Bankstown Airport to Sydney Harbour, the Northern Beaches and the Blue Mountains! AEROBATICS! There is absolutely nothing like it! Let Red Baron treat you to the neck-numbing, adrenaline-inducing roller coaster of thrills 2000ft in the air above Sydney. SCENIC FLIGHTS! It’s best seat in the house of the best view in the world! Let Red Baron show you the city, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the front seat of the open-cockpit bi-plane and you’ll even get a chance to do a loop and roll before you head home. FLY THE PLANE YOURSELF! Indulge your childhood fantasy and take control of an aerobatic training aircraft. With the Hands On Aerobatic joy flight you’ll learn how to manoeuvre the aircraft through level flight, a loop and a roll. Strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Take a look inside Red Baron and book your joy flight today!


Red Baron operates the Pitts Special S2A competition aerobatic aircraft and the Robin 2160/ Alpha 160 aerobatic trainer.

The Pitts S2A bi-plane was designed by Curtis Pitts in 1949 and has been a favourite for both competition and sport pilots ever since. The Pitts is rated fully aerobatic with structural limits of +6G and -3G and is the aircraft of choice for many national and international, top ranked aerobatic pilots including Red Bull Air Race Pilot Paul Bonhome.

The Robin 2160/ Alpha 160 is a French designed low wing monoplane, with two seats, a big bubble canopy and control sticks, not steering wheels. It has an excellent power to weight ratio and the crisp handling of a sports car. The Robin/Alpha is powered by a 160HP engine, cruises at 120kts and climbs at 1000 ft/min. It is capable of all 'standard' aerobatic manoeuvres and is, without a doubt, the most robust and manoeuvrable aerobatic training aircraft in Australia. In May 2007 the first Alpha 160 in Australia went online at Red Baron Flight Training alongside our two hardworking Robins. Two more are scheduled for delivery in late 2007.


End of Airport Ave. Bankstown Airport
Bankstown, Sydney NSW 2200

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Ph: (02) 9791 0643
Ph: +61 2 9791 0643 (international)
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